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Hope you enjoy your search through the pearls and find some gems of your own. Everything is made by Pili in NJ using the highest quality pearls, and semi-precious stones. All pieces are either Pure Sterling Silver or 14KT Gold-Filled, lasting a lifetime.

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Check out our curated pieces that are the perfect statement piece for weddings and special events. Want to get all the ladies matching sets or have something dreamy in mind? Contact Pili for special custom orders. Click here

Sharing the love


LOVE the necklace, thank you so much!

Jersey City, NJ

Absolutely love your necklaces, thank you for the custom pieces for the entire family

Jeffersonville, VT

Love these earrings so much, they are deceptively light, I've worn them for days in row and completely forgot I had them in still!


Absolutely obsessed with the Pretty Pink Choker, it's my perfect everyday item which I stack with my other family treasures

San Francisco, CA

Your pieces are so beautiful, I love the quality and all the little details. Simply amazing!

Montclair, NJ

Honestly incredible, thank you so much for the custom piece, so excited to wear them at the wedding

Grand Rapids, MI

Really is the perfect accessory to pair with so many of my dresses

San Francisco, CA